Walls of piran

A thousand-year-old guardian of the city of Piran

Since the 7th century, the town walls have protected its inhabitants, but they continued to expand and upgrade with the town for the next few centuries. The origins of the Piran town walls can be divided into three parts.

The arrival of the Venetians extended the town to the other side of the bay, which was turned into a harbour. For this reason, the second part of the town wall was built, with three gates and towers guarding the harbour. The last extension of the town wall was erected out of fear of Turkish invasions. The town walls ran down the hill to the Adriatic Sea.



Suitable for individuals and groups


Viewing is possible every day of the year


The best vantage point in Piran

An iconic view

A wonderful view of the city of Piran and a walk along the centuries-old wall is an experience that attracts crowds of people to the Walls every year.

7 city gates

Seven town gates, which once served as entry and exit points through the walls, have been preserved to this day. A walk through the old town and discovering the gates is a great opportunity to discover the magic of Piran. In tourist information brochures, you can check where the town gates are located.

Svetilnik na Punti

You can enjoy breathtaking views of the entire Piran Bay, the Adriatic coast of Italy and, in clear weather, even the Julian Alps. Climb the stairs of the lighthouse, which served as home to a lighthouse keeper in the 1870s, to see Piran and its town walls from another angle.


The city wall is one of the most attractive photo spots in Piran.

"The Walls of Piran are a must-see for those seeking to get a feel for the history of the area and for sightseers alike. Built centuries ago, the remainings of the walls offer a stunning vantage point over the charming town of Piran. Visitors can walk along the walls and take in the breathtaking views while immersing themselves in the rich history of the area.